Tens of thouss of towering buildings rise from the ground, solidifying "Xin" creating brilliance together

Located in Dongying Economic Technological Development Zone, Shong, the company covers an area of 380 acres with a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan. It mainly produces copper foil for high-performance lithium batteries is one of the core production bases in the eastern region. The first phase of the company's 5000 ton lithium copper foil project was put into operation on July 16, 2020. After a gap of 16 months, the second phase of the 5000 ton project was successfully put into operation. As of now, Hesheng Copper has put into production a capacity of 10000 tons, the third phase of the 20000 ton high-end lithium copper foil construction project is in full swing.

The shareholder representatives attending the signing ceremony for this production include Zhou Xing, co founder of Daren Group, Wang Guanran, chairman, Cui Yuqi, representative of SK Group.