Talent Development
  • Company Overview

    Shenzhen Huike New Materials Co., Ltd. also gathers industry leading R&D technicians marketing team elites, masters the international advanced high-end copper foil production process, equipment ion, production line planning other independent development capabilities, in accordance with the company's annual production of 400,000 tons of high-performance electrolytic copper foil investment planning, currently has an annual production capacity of 111,000 tons, has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001,ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, IATF16949 other relevant system certification, with more than 60 patent certificates, production sales at home abroad in the market ranked first, the customer base covers the PCB, copper-clad laminate, lithium batteries other domestic international head of the field of new materials customers.

  • Welfare Treatment

    Food: cafeteria meals (no cafeteria areas have meal subsidies)
    Housing: dormitory + apartment, equipped with air conditioning, water heater, independent bathroom (no dormitory areas have housing subsidies)
    Bonus: thirteen salaries, special bonuses, rationalization bonuses, birthday benefits, holiday benefits, etc.
    Holidays: legal holidays, paid sick leave, annual leave, marriage maternity leave, etc.
    Security: five insurance one gold, employee physical examination, focus on talent development

  • Career Development

    A comprehensive career development channel, with two promotion channels for management profession, as well as a supporting universal leadership based training system a professional ability training system based on work tasks, combining online offline training to meet training needs.

Enterprise Environment