List of CCL/PCB/Copper Foil Factory/New Energy Battery Listed Companies' Performance in Q1 2024

As of May 7, PCB manufacturing, copper laminates, copper foil plants, power energy storage other listed companies have all disclosed 2024 Q1 financial data.

From the point of view of listed companies' financial data, PCB manufacturing, copper cladding board, power energy storage other industries are more impressive, many companies have realized substantial growth steadily improving efficiency.

Next together according to this article, to see the first quarter financial reports disclosed by the companies!


CCL Listed Companies

表1 24年.Q1 CCL上市公司营收情况

As can be seen from Table 1, in the first quarter of 2024, the five copper-clad laminates companies, the highest operating income is SangYi Technology 4.423 billion yuan.

Net profit remained profitable is SangYi Technology 392 million yuan, Nanya New Material 10.0135 million yuan, Hongchang Electronics 11.8773 million.

Deducted net profit from the previous year the most year-on-year growth is Nanya New Material 274.68%.


Copper Foil Listed Companies

表2 24年.Q1 铜箔上市公司营收情况

As can be seen from Table 2, in the first quarter of 2024, among the ten copper foil companies, there are only three companies that realized growth in revenue, Zhongyi Technology 29.05%, Copper Crown Copper Foil 4.51%, Yihao New Material 4.12%. One of the growth rate of more than 10% of the company is Zhongyi Technology, the decline rate of more than 10% is Chaohua Technology-75.54%, Fangbang shares-11.45%

Net profit profit of the company is Jiangxi Copper 1.715 billion yuan, Zhongying Technology 797.50 million. Among them, the net profit realized growth for Yihao New Material, Fangbang shares, Zhongying Science Technology.

Deducted net profit remained profitable companies only Jiangxi Copper Zhongying Science Technology


PCB Listed Companies

表3 24年.Q1 PCB上市公司营收情况

As can be seen from Table 3, 20 of the 31 PCB companies in the first quarter of 2024, revenue growth was achieved. Among them, the growth rate of more than 10% of the company there are 12 companies, respectively, for the deep South Electric Road 42.24%, Hudian shares 38.34%, Guanghe Technology 49.53%, Xingsen Science Technology 10.92%, Concorde Electronics 26.47%, Dongshan Precision 18.94%, Shenghong Science Technology 36.06%, Hongxin Electronics 161.08%, Founder Science Technology 13.02%, Yidong Electronics 12.95%, Tianjin Prin 70.42%, Wilco 10.85%. Decline rate of more than 10% of the company there are four, respectively, Putian Technology -11.40%, Junya Technology -15.01%, Jinxinuo -28.24%, Ming Yang Circuit -12.70%, full Kun Technology -14.84%.

Net profit to achieve growth in the top three is Founder Technology 474.74%, Xing Sen Technology 230.82%, Hudian shares 157.03%.

The company with the most profit of non-deductible net profit is pengding holding 504 million, the most loss is kexiang shares -7494.87 million.


New Energy Battery Listed Companies

表4 24年.Q1 储能电池上市公司营收情况

As can be seen from Table 4, in the first quarter of 2024, among the five energy storage battery companies, revenue growth was achieved by two, BYD 3.97%, Shinda 4.74%; the most declining rate is Vonergy -21.70%.

Net profit in addition to lithium-ion lithium can, all realize growth. Withholding non-net profit profit of the company is the most Ningde era 9.247 billion, the most loss is the Fu can science technology -184 million.